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SIBA - the Registrar for International Business Companies and trusts and regulates International Trade Zone activities. Through a blending of dedicated professionals and efficient systems, SIBA is able to provide swift name approvals, incorporation and licensing with minimal bureaucracy. The result is that certificates of incorporation may be issued within an hour, ensuring that SIBA is one of the fastest Registrars in the world.

International Business Companies Act, 1994

International Trust Act, 1994

Electronic Transactions Act, 2001

Financial Institutions Act,1984

Just think about it:

There are thousands of offshore companies doing business worldwide without good standing. And big part of businessmen does not know that their business vehicle is out of order.

Many intermediaries assisting to incorporate business makes 100% or even 500% mark-up on the real costs of service. The margin is unbelievable just because of customers not knowing what are the incorporation requirements and what does it costs.

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It is your decision to protect yourself from off-grade service and overpaying. And best of all we offer this knowledge for free.

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