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Q: How popular is offshore company registration in Seychelles?
A: It is quite a new jurisdiction, however starting from 1995 there already has been registered more than 7,000 international business companies.

Q: I have heard that Seychelles has no double taxation agreements with other countries.
A: We also have noticed that many "professionals" on their Internet sites publish similar statement. It was true some time ago. But now it is outdated information. Seychelles has the following situation with Double taxation avoidance agreements (middle 2001):

Ratified/in force: China, Indonesia
Signed: South Africa, Vietnam
Negotiations Concluded: Russia, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Czech Republic
Negotiations in Progress: Tunisia, Egypt, Malaysia, Oman
Negotiations Agreed: Cyprus, Mauritius, India, Philippines, Botswana, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Namibia

Q: What is Seychelles situation regarding OECD "black lists"?
A: Seychelles is not mentioned in so called "black list" of OECD. It is perceived as a cooperating jurisdiction.

Q: Is Seychelles considered a tax haven?
A: Yes, Seychelles is a tax haven in accordance to OECD definition.

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