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Seychelles offers a modern and attractive business and financial investment alternative to global corporate and "high net worth" customers. Key advantages:
  • Accommodating & sensitive to business needs;
  • Political stability;
  • Government provides enabling environment.


Located approximately 4osouth of the equator, one thousand miles off East Africa at +4GMT, Seychelles is the ideal country from which to base your regional corporate hub or trans-shipment and redistribution operations.
It is the obvious choice for companies seeking to establish or re-position themselves to serve the Indian Oceanrim countries.


With a high level of computerisation, modern electronic banking facilities , an excellent support base of company secretarial and legal and financial experts, we are able to deal with your business affairs in a speedy, efficient and cost effective manner.
Served by major international courier companies we can handle urgent documentation and parcel shipments.

Key advantages:
  • High level of computerisation in government & private sector;
  • Major technology providers represented;
  • 20% population with mobile phone (0.2 per capita).


Cable and Wireless (Seychelles) provides high-tech telecommunications in Seychelles. A special "Standard A" satellite earth station installed in Victoria ensures "state-of-the art" telecommunications incorporating ISDN services. Atlas, a local company, provides full INTERNET access and support. In a move to strengthen and expand the telecommunications services available in Seychelles, the government recently licensed Seychelles Telecom, a company set up to provide further high-tech telecommunication facilities.

Key advantages:
  • Two Major Telecoms Providers;
  • Two Major ISP's with total of 4Mbps expandable;
  • GSM 900 Cellular System with international Roaming with over 50 countries;
  • ISDN services;
  • Internet Services;
  • Local & international digital leased circuits.


Seychelles is serviced by reputable global carriers making approximately two hundred regular scheduled international flights per month from major cities around the world. Port Victoria, the most efficient and deepest port in the region with its modern facilities is free of cyclones and provides for trans-shipment to regional and international markets as well as handling of breakbulk and containerised international cargo.

Key advantages:
  • 44 regular scheduled international flights per week;
  • Seychelles is free of Cyclones;
  • Deepest port in Indian Ocean;
  • Modern breakbulk & containerised cargo handling facilities.


Seychelles boasts modern banking facilities including a well developed electronic banking network, automated bank tellers, SWIFT and Direct Debit (EFTOPS) facilities. All major credit cards are represented through the currently established commercial banks, some of whom offer gold corporate card facilities.

Key advantages:
  • Electronic banking;
  • Foreign Currency Accounts allowens;
  • Automated bank tellers;
  • SWIFT;
  • Direct Debit (EFTPOS) facilities;
  • International banks in Seychelles include Barclays Bank PLC, Nouvobanq (affiliated to Standard Chartered Bank), Banque Francaise Commerciale, Bank of Baroda and Habib Bank.

There are offshore service providers offering assistance with opening offshore bank accounts in Seychelles.


Being one of the most beautiful and sought after places in the world, Seychelles offers a wonderful alternative lifestyle to owners and employees of SITZ registered companies. Visitors wishing to identify more closely with the jurisdiction are most welcome to experience the excellence of the Seychelles and call us at SIBA. No visa is required for entry into the Seychelles, which is free of malaria, yellow fever and other contagious diseases. Residents enjoy the full benefit of free british style education and health services.

Key advantages:
  • No visas required for any national;
  • No Malaria, Yellow fever e.g.;
  • Private Schools;
  • Private Medical and Dental practices;
  • Excellent leisure and sporting facilities;
  • 25 channels Cable TV imminent.

Just think about it:

There are thousands of offshore companies doing business worldwide without good standing. And big part of businessmen does not know that their business vehicle is out of order.

Many intermediaries assisting to incorporate business makes 100% or even 500% mark-up on the real costs of service. The margin is unbelievable just because of customers not knowing what are the incorporation requirements and what does it costs.

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