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There is big difference between businessman who knows what to do and businessman who asks others what to do.

Understanding your business environment and processes will let you be a step ahead those who ask others.

This site is specially designed to make you familiar with incorporation procedure in Seychelles and give you the peace of mind that your assets are protected legally and correctly.

Your knowledge on Seychelles Incorporation might consist of facts, opinions, ideas, theories, principles ... Here we just help you to understand Seychelles company incorporation principles that are based on Seychelles International Business Companies Act, 1994 as well as many years experience working with Seychelles registered agents.

Just think about it:

Thousands of offshore companies are doing business worldwide without good standing. It is worth mentioning that many businessmen using offshore services do not even know that the business vehicle they own is out of order.

Many customers do not know what the incorporation requirements are and what incorporation actually costs. This is why many intermediaries assisting them in business incorporation make 100% or even 500% mark-up on the real costs of service. Some margins in prices are just unbelievable.

Learn the Seychelles incorporation basics

It is your decision to protect yourself from off-grade service and overpaying. And best of all we offer this knowledge for free.

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If there are question you have on Seychelles Incorporation not answered here, please let us know, we will answer promptly.

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